Gene and Scott | Conrad Hotel Brunch Wedding

Gene and Scott were married on a sunny Friday morning in the most intimate of ceremonies. Her dress was timeless and classy, his smile was wide and bright. Every detail of their wedding, even down to the food they served, had some semblance of meaning to their relationship. Each toast was meaningful and unique to Gene and Scott.

But my favorite part of the reception, was Gene's speech. She wrote a funny little poem about their story. I asked her if she would mind if I shared it, and she was gracious enough to let me. 


Single life, I was used to living.

Hanging with my gals.

Even on Friendsgiving,

Wine shared among my pals.


My friends, I count on them,

Susan, Caro, Lorna, Ruth

Brooke, Amanda and two Jens

To give advice and tell the truth. 


Bridget’s match making commingle

changed the course of life.

No longer was I single

I could be someone’s wife.


He laughed at all my jokes

even when I didn’t try.

He introduced me to his folks

Joan gave me recipe for pie.


We can talk for hours.

He’s thoughtful as can be.

He buys me gifts and flowers

and lets me be me.


It’s not all wine and roses, 

It’s milk and cookies, too. 

He loves my three wet noses, 

Lola, Benny, and Petey, too.


“Send me the one,” I would pray

Scott Miller is God’s answer. 

And no longer am I on the way

to being an old spinster


We traveled far and wide, 

made a memory or two

and now I’ll be his bride

my prince has come; a wish come true.


He’s the one for whom I prayed. 

I now have a house of love,

more memories to be made.

Prayers answered by God above.


Thank you Gene and Scott for inviting me to your big day! 

Cheers to the newlyweds!

Venue: Conrad Hotel

Photographer: Rebecca Shehorn Photography

Band or DJ: String Trio - led by Rachel Gries

Wedding Dress: Marie Gabriel Couture | Giuseppe Papini

Make-up Artist: Gina Valentine

Wedding Cake: Taylor's Bakery

Honeymoon: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Florist: Lily Lane

Caterer: Conrad

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