The Knot's Best of Weddings 2018

You guys!

Today's trip to the mailbox was met with unexpected excitement. My plaque for winning The Knot's Best of Weddings for 2018 arrived, and I am absolutely giddy with joy.

I am so incredibly grateful to every client I have ever had. You all mean so much to me and know that many of you will be lifelong friends. Your gracious words of thanks and praise won me this award and I will be forever grateful you chose me to document your love! 


XoXo -- Rebecca


The Dog Blog

Ohhhhhh my goodness you guys. I have been thinking about doing this blog for months, and now, in the dead of winter, when my soul most needs uplifting, I have done it. 

It should come as no surprise that I go absolutely ga-ga for dogs, and even more so when I get texts from clients asking, "Hey can we bring our dog(s)?" To which I always respond with an emphatic, "YESSSSSSSSSS."

So I've put together a few highlights from 2017 that feature the best good boys and good girls, our bark-ners in crime. So grab a cookie/biscuit/treat, and snuggle up for some honest to goodness cuteness. 


First meet Chopper, aka Sir Snugglesworth! This sweet boy warmed my heart with his love of fresh cooked eggs, his bone, and his insatiable desire to snuggle with his momma Kate. He is a grade A good boy. I mean LOOK AT HIS SMILE!


My next four-legged friend is Quincy! Just look at his handsome face! Quincy is a Newfoundland/Poodle mix aka Newfypoo aka Newdle. YES... NEWDLE. We walked to his favorite spots in the neighborhood for his humans' engagement session. But let's be honest, it was mostly a glamour session for Q and he nailed it. Quincy is fond of food, snuggling, and being totally lazy.


Now meet, Money! I first met little Money when her humans' were getting married. Money and I have had a couple sessions over the years, including a special appearance on the big day (her big day if you ask her!) But one thing is for sure, Money's cuteness is priceless (see what I did there!?) and she's got a lot of personality in that teeny little body. 


Say hello to Dallas and Karma, aka Bubba and Baby Girl! This adopted brother/sister duo live in the swankiest downtown abode. Bubba and Baby Girl are always up to some hilarious antics, including making the best faces on camera. Their humans are getting married this year and making this little family official.


Polo and Wrinkles are the next babies on my list. And they do not disappoint! These two buds met me in front of their house to do some shots for their modeling portfolio's. I say their careers as professional model pups are looking very promising! Wouldn't you say?


This is George and his family. I got a two part photoshoot for Georgie because he is just that cute.  Seriously, look at his outfits. George has some serious game! He's so fashionable! And that head tilt... GIVE. ME. A. BREAK. I just can't.


Next meet Piper, the proud Purdue Alum. She has a honorary degree in Being a Good Girl with a minor in Chasing Squirrels. Piper is quite the intellectual but she really enjoys life's simple pleasures. 



Next meet Stella! Stella's humans are getting married this year and she wanted to be a part of letting everyone know! When Stella isn't helping plan the wedding, she's chasing all the tennis balls and spending time with her uncle. 


The dog blog wouldn't be complete without an intro to Bruce! This handsome fella is best friends with his cat siblings. He also loves long walks and chewing/playing with his favorite duck toy. His human's are also getting married this year and he has a registry at PetSmart (not really but wouldn't that be awesome.)


This is Boozer! His humans got married last year and he got to walk them back down the aisle after they said, "I do!" Boozer totally stole the show's finale and even got to be on the Thank You card that went out afterwards to all his fans. When he isn't being the most perfect boy on camera, he's swimming in his human's lake and living his best life. 


We've almost reached the end of this dog blog, and I would be remised if I didn't take the opportunity to introduce my own doggos. Meet Edie (left) and Winnie (right). Winnie enjoys air conditioning, a nest of blankets, and all the cookies. Edie has the squishiest face, is the best at frisbee, and gets scared of her own toots. They each have their own respective roles in the business. Winnie is Head of Hooman Resources while Edie is Head of Barketing. They are paid generously in pets and cookies.



That was a lot of cuteness in one blog, and I'm not sure if any other blog I write will ever top this one, but I have to end with one more intro. Meet Phoebe and Bagheera! This brother/sister feline outfit made the most adorable appearance on their humans' big day. They even had special collars made for the occasion. Hello fancy! 


That wraps it up you guys! I don't know about you, but I have all the feels right now. I'm so excited for another year of pets at sessions and cannot wait to share them all with you! 



Extra special thanks to Stacy Able for photographing me and my two babies. 

Maggie and Kyle's Sycamore at Mallow Run Wedding | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Maggie and Kyle were married at the stunning Sycamore at Mallow Run. Their wedding ceremony was small and intimate, made of their closest friends and family... and their fur baby Boozer! It just wouldn't be the perfect day to these two without having their fluffy companion there to celebrate with them! 

After the ceremony was a cocktail hour, where the rest of their dear ones trickled in to prepare for a night of food, toasts, dinner, drinking, and dancing! And BOY WAS THERE DANCING! Two dance floors were going at one point. Tell me... have you been to a wedding where the dancing was so good that a second dance floor spawned spontaneously? I didn't think so. Props to my friend Jason to making the magic happen (even though my slice of cake that was sitting on the floor by my bag was laid waste due to the vigorous dancing that occurred on the second dance floor... RIP cake.) 

I'm so honored to have met and worked with Maggie and Kyle. Their sweet families have been such a huge part of the process, I feel as if I know them just as well. Of course, having the most perfect vendor team working to make your day the best ever also made everything extra special and magical. Props to my dear friend and planner, Jillian, for making the day as smooth as butter. Be sure to check all the amazing vendors at the bottom, they deserve all the praise, recognition, props, and slaps on the back possible. 

Cheers to the newlyweds! 

Wedding Coordinator: Jillian Zilch | Frame Worthy Events

Venue: Sycamore at Mallow Run

Band or DJ: Jason Carpenter | DJ Sound Solutions

Videographer: Toast Wedding Films

Wedding Dress: Rebecca's Wedding Boutique in Louisville, KY | Dress is Watters

Bridesmaids Attire: Nancy's Bridal Boutique

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: ASOS

Make-up Artist: Kate Shaw

Hair Stylist: Shellee with Leslie Hair and Makeup

Wedding Cake: Icing on the Cake by Kristina

Honeymoon: Hawaii

Invitations: Design is DIY, printed through CatPrint

Florist: Gina Martin of Pomp & Bloom

Caterer: Gethin Thomas of Gethin Thomas Catering

Marcy and Travis' Indianapolis Public Library Wedding | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

These two Hoosier darlings met through mutual friends and had their first date over in my little town of Irvington at one of my favorite watering holes... Black Acre! I loved Marcy's story of how he proposed, and the little bio she wrote about their relationship today and about their little family. I wanted to share her thoughts with you as she put them into words so perfectly. 

Their proposal story (as told by Marcy): By Christmas Day 2016 I was frustrated that we were not engaged, and that we weren't spending the holidays together (me in Fishers with my family, and Travis in Monticello with his). We planned to return to our house the day after Christmas. That day, I called him as I left my parents house, letting him know that I was on my way home. During this phone call Travis told me he was going to go hang out with one of his friends instead of coming home. I was upset... we hadn't seen each other in three days! Little did I know, my phone call signaled to Travis that I was out of my parents' house, and he could now head there to speak with my parents, and ask for my hand in marriage. Two days later was our third anniversary. To celebrate we went to the Corner Wine Bar in Broad Ripple, where we had our second date, and have returned to to celebrate every anniversary. I was wondering if Travis was going to propose, but didn't let myself get my hopes up. After we finished eating, he announced he had asked two of our friends to meet us out for a drink at another bar, and they were on their way to pick us up. I was a little disappointed that instead of some quality one-on-one time (and what seemed like no proposal) our third anniversary was turning into a double date, but I did not protest. After paying, Travis told me our friends were about to arrive and we walked outside. As we were "waiting", Travis got down on one knee and proposed with a ring he had designed with my twin sister. Then, while I am freaking out, six of our friends, including my twin come rushing from all angles around us wielding cameras. To celebrate, we headed to the Wellington where the bar tender had champagne waiting for us. We then went to my parents house for a surprise engagement party with both of our families.

Hobbies they like to do as a couple (as told by Marcy): We are margarita enthusiasts, and love to go to Revolucion in Fountain Square and La Mulita in SoBro to figure out how to perfect our own recipe. We have a 90 pound fur baby, Quincy, who constantly keeps us laughing. We often go to the gym together, and then ruin our efforts with ice cream as we binge watch our favorite shows: "The Newsroom", "Game of Thrones", and many others. We have several things about us that are unique, but what I think is most special is how each of us has grown so close to each other's family and friends, and how we genuinely enjoy spending time with them. A few examples include: making holiday wreaths with Travis's mom; camping with his parents and brother; Travis helping coach two of my nephews' baseball team for two seasons, and starting a fantasy football league with my sisters, brothers-in-law, and nephews; Travis has grown so close with my twin's husband, Kevin, that he is a groomsman, and one of my bridesmaids is the wife of Travis's best friend, and now a close friend of my own.

Favorite part about planning their wedding (as told by Marcy): EVERYTHING. As the fourth (and last) Trinkle daughter to get married, I've had a lot of practice in wedding planning! If you ask Travis, his favorite part is that I enjoy wedding planning and, therefore, he doesn't have to do much... but my favorite part has been how Travis wants everything to be a surprise. Not only does he not want to see or hear anything about my wedding dress, he doesn't even want to see what the bridesmaids are wearing. While we have made some decisions together, like the venues or food, and he knows what our color-scheme is, I know that on our wedding day Travis wants to be awe-struck by how beautiful, symbolic, or meaningful the day is, and if keeping (almost) everything a surprise will provide that for him, I'm happy to oblige.


So sweet, right!? I just love these two and I'm so happy to have been a part of not  one, but now TWO Trinkle family weddings.

Cheers to the newlyweds! 

Band: Lakeside Entertainment

Wedding Dress: Marie Gabriel Designer | Alyne; spring 2017 "Bernie" dress

Bridesmaids Attire: Bella Bridesmaids

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse

Make-up Artist: Gina Kammerer

Hair Stylist: Becca Williams from Wild Horses Salon

Wedding Cake: Ritz Charles

Honeymoon: Kauai, Hawaii

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Florist: Union Street Florist

Caterer: Ritz Charles