Abbie and Andrew | Laurel Hall Indianapolis Wedding

Sometimes I feel like a parent who isn't suppose to have a favorite kid. This was especially true for Abbie and Andrew's wedding. From the very moment we met, I knew that Abbie and Andrew were going to be one of those one in a million kind of clients that make me love my job more than I already love it. Love, laughter, and little bit of sarcasm filled their flawless wedding day.  

Amidst the beautiful landscape of Laurel Hall, Abbie and Andrew officially became Lord and Lady Doan (Lord and Lady you ask? Yup. Thank you random internet find.) Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they spoke their vows and exchanged their rings. They even did a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony where they each poured tea for their parents. It was such a fun thing to experience! After the bubble exit, the party got started with an outfit change into some traditional garb as a surprise for the guests! 

Following some heart warming speeches from their MOH's and BM's, we headed onto the terrace for Abbie and Andrews first dance as husband and wife. Guys... TEARS. There is no better backdrop for your first dance that to be completely surrounded by the people who love you the most, and who each had a hand in making them the awesome, fun, and hilarious people they became. (Okay, Rebecca, get it together!)

But seriously, it was a great day and not a thing could have gone better. Thank you so much Abbie and Andrew for making me feel like such a big part of your day. I desperately hope that we stay friends forever and ever. I am truly #blessed. 


How they met: I, a lonely clerk at a dog and cat clothing boutique. Andrew, a security officer who patrolled Castleton Mall on his own for too long. United by a thief with a need for tiny puppy raincoats.

After I had hung up the last of the new raincoat display, a large group of people came in. When they left, a tiny raincoat had disappeared. I called security and to my rescue came a handsome man on a segway-type-vehicle to save the day. The rest is history after exchanging Facebook friend requests and threats of a poke-war.

How he proposed: Andrew took me to eat at our favorite restaurant, Harry & Izzy's downtown. We looked very nice, but as soon as we arrived back home I immediately changed into my ugliest pajamas... unbeknownst that Andrew had set up his phone to record the next span of time as he lit a fire in the fireplace. He went upstairs to change into his comfy clothes and soon after he told me to call Titus, our dog, to come down from upstairs where he had gone with Andrew. When Titus got to the living room he was wearing a bow-tie and carrying a little gift bag attached to his collar. Andrew had me unwrap the box, and as I did he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes... of course! So he then pointed to the camera and then retrieved it so that we could watch the video. Unfortunately, he had aimed it at the ceiling so we have an audio recording of our proposal if anyone is interested!

Hobbies they like to do as a couple: We love going out to eat and watching movies. Andrew is an outstanding cook and loves to create new dishes at home, which I am happy to test for him. We really enjoy hosting get-togethers at our house and having friends around.

Favorite part about planning their wedding: For me (Abbie) I've been able to craft my heart out! It's been fun to think of ways to represent the two of us with little details to add throughout the day.

For me (Andrew) drinking the whiskey to have bottles for the centerpieces and making the registry!

Venue: Laurel Hall

Dj/Band: Dj's Direct/Dana Starkell

Wedding Dress: Justin Alexander from Bridal Superstore

Bridesmaids Attire: Davids Bridal

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Bridal Superstore

Make-up Artist: La Dolce Salon in Carmel, IN

Hair Stylist: La Dolce Salon in Carmel, IN

Wedding Cake: DIY

Honeymoon: San Dieo

Invitations: DIY

Florist: Violets are Blue

Caterer: MBP Catering