Katie and Will | Indianapolis Crane Bay Wedding

The most epic fashion-infused disco dance party wedding is about to blow. your. mind.

I don't know if wedding is a competition, but if it is, Katie and Will just won. Seriously. I mean, they had and thought of everything. From Katie's blue metallic Jimmy Choo's to their disco dance party, this wedding had it all. Every single detail was fabulous. And let's just take a moment of silence to awe at Katie's custom made necklace and dress (aaaaand matching belt!) I mean it, stop what you're doing and really admire her incredible sense of fashion. 

So let's start from the beginning shall we? This stunning wedding began where all good things begin, The Alexander. After some quick getting ready shots, we headed for Katie and Will's first look. First looks are totally my favorite, I just love the intimacy and the groom's expression is always great. And Will did not disappoint! These two are just so perfect together.

Since we had such a perfect location, we had to take the opportunity to get some shots around the hotel (my fave!) before we headed over to Crane Bay. 

This was my first wedding at Crane Bay and I must say... it's kind of my new favorite. Its super modern, sleek, industrial vibes made the perfect backdrop for Katie and Will's nuptials followed by a cocktail/reception room that simply cannot be described accurately with words. But I will say, these people really knew how to party. :)

Sit back, and take a moment to feast your eyes on the smorgasbord of this modern wedding.


Venue: Crane Bay

Coordinator: David Reilich

Shuttle Service: Carey 

Dress: Designed by Bride

Menu/Program Design: David Reilich

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