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Wedding Date
Wedding Date
Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Mother of the Bride
Mother of the Bride
Father of the Bride
Father of the Bride
Mother of the Groom
Mother of the Groom
Father of the Groom
Father of the Groom
Ceremony Start Time *
Ceremony Start Time
Reception Start Time *
Reception Start Time
Ceremony Site
Ceremony Site
Reception Site
Reception Site
Where will the Bride be getting ready? *
Where will the Bride be getting ready?
Where will the Groom be getting ready?
Where will the Groom be getting ready?
If you have bridesmaids, please list the name of each bridesmaid.
If you have groomsmen, please list the name of each groomsman.
Are you having a sparker exit at the end of the night? Or are you having a bubble exit from your ceremony? Let me know!
Some churches or venues don't allow flash or allow photographers to move around during the ceremony, if you could inform me of these restrictions before hand, it helps me to plan ahead. Check specifically with the officiant as they are usually the ones who put the rules in place.
Bride's Cell Number *
Bride's Cell Number
Groom's Cell Number *
Groom's Cell Number
Maid of Honor's Phone Number *
Maid of Honor's Phone Number
Occasionally, I have the need to contact the maid of honor in situations where I cannot get ahold of either of you.
Best Man's Phone Number *
Best Man's Phone Number
Not the venue's wedding coordinator. Only if you've hired an outside coordinator to run your day.
Please specify whether services fall under "planning," "coordination," or "both." If you're not sure, ask your planner how they would like to be credited.
Will you be having a band or DJ at your reception? Let me know their name if you know!
Will you be having a videographer at your wedding/reception? Please let me know their name. If you're not having one, just leave it blank.
Where did you get the wedding dress and who is the designer?
Where did the bridesmaids dresses come from?
Where is the groom and groomsmen's suits/tuxes from?
If you are having your make-up done, who is the artist doing it?
If you are having your hair professionally done, who is the stylist doing it?
If you are having a cake, who made it?
Where are you going on your honeymoon?
Were your invitations DIY, or did you order them from somewhere?
If you are having flowers, who is your florist?
Who is your caterer?
Are you hiring someone to shuttle the bridal party around on your wedding day?
Hot Food for the Photographer *
By checking this box you are verifying that I and my second shooter will have a hot meal at the reception as stipulated in the signed contract. Vendor meals must be approved by the photographer in advance since most of the time they are cold (and frankly unappetizing!)
Sharing images with Vendors *
By checking this box you are again recognizing that you, the client, are not to share images with vendors. (Vendors include: wedding coordinators, venues, florists, hair stylists, make up artists, graphic designers, etc.) You are only allowed to share with family members.
This is the section where you can tell me precisely what FAMILY portrait combinations you would like taken during the formal portraits of family (usually directly before or after the ceremony.) Please list the name of each individual person you would like in the picture. Please do this for each grouping. I usually suggest limiting family formals to immediate family + grandparents. However, if you have extended family you're close to, or that don't get together often, you're more than welcome to include them if you know for sure you want that photo. If you feel like it wouldn't be the end of the world if we didn't get that extended family photo, you can put that photo in the "Additional Requested Photos" at the bottom of this questionnaire. Larger family groups like extended family (groups of 10 or more) do not need to be listed by name, just use the appropriate surname I can use to call them forward. *Example: Shehorn Extended Family Try to limit your groupings to 20 or less. Twenty spaces have been provided, you are not required to fill in every line, but should you need more, fill in the rest in the "Additional Requested Photos" at the bottom of this questionnaire. Please also remember that you are both a family unit now, so you want to do the majority of the pictures together as a married couple! Individuals with parents is a good exception of this rule. Be sure to ask a close family member to check your list before you submit to make sure no one was forgotten or overlooked. Example of what it SHOULD look like: Rebecca, Tommy, Teri, Steve, Ryan, Callie. Example of what it should NOT look like: Bride and Groom and Bride's immediate family. If you have questions, feel free to ask! This section is specifically for FAMILY photos, so any additional bridal party photos should be listed in the "Additional Requested Photos" section.
Often times, there can be family situations that might make the family picture taking portion of the day difficult or awkward for you or other family members. Whether it be divorced family members, estranged family members, family feuds, or any other extenuating circumstance that would be otherwise unbeknownst to me, this is your chance to tell me in private about it before the wedding. Even if it is not an "issue," divorces are information I should know.
Tell me about your relationship
This next section is used for blog and wedding submission purposes. If I submit your wedding for publication, I will always reach out first, but I use what you write as copy in the submission or on my own blog.
Nutshell version, if possible!
Nutshell version, if possible!
Going out to eat? Movies? Antiquing? Walking dogs? Watching Game of Thrones?
Feel free to be as mushy as you want!
Moving soon? Thinking about kids? Big vacation? Job change?
Section 3
Here is your last chance to tell me about anything you deem important for me to know to help me photograph your day better. Whether it be a special custom or tradition, a surprise or a gift, anything you think might be important to photograph! Are there any pictures with friends that isn't on the formals list? Let me know here.
What address would you like your USB of wedding images sent to when I am finished editing them? ***If you are moving after your wedding, it is imperative that you let me know so that I don't ship it to the wrong address. ***

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this questionnaire! Please make sure you have sent me the latest version of your timeline at least a week in advance before your wedding! Can't wait to see you and yours on the big day!