Tips for Mom and Dad:

- Relax! Kids are kids and they're going to resist things like "stand here" "look there" "smile" "stand up straight" "say cheese" etc. The goal is to create authentic moments with you as a family, the less you try to control the situation, the more naturally the moments will unfold!  I'll be there to guide you and them into the best scenarios for photos!

- Leave the props at home. Experience has taught me that kids never interact with props the way we want, often times leaving you feeling frustrated and disappointed. Strip away all those excess things and get down to the things you love about your family, like how you guys laugh/love/live and play together.

- Family photos can be fun! When you let loose and enjoy the experience, your kids will respond likewise! Roll with the punches and manage your expectations. The more you unwind, the more you'll like your photos and enjoy the experience. 

- Learn to love the perfectly imperfect. 

Tips for kids under 2:

- Keep kids on their schedules as much as possible. Don't skip naps or meals and pick a time of day that they'll be awake and in good spirits! 

- Bring a beloved stuffed animal or toy. Something that makes them smile is always great to have on hand.

- Bring snacks! They're nice a nice distraction and we could could use any tool in your arsenal!


Tips for kids 2+:

- Small rewards like candy or a favorite treat, even the promise of a toy at the end of the shoot are good ways to show your kids that photo sessions can be fun! 




Outfit Tips:

- Try not to match too much. Mix neutrals with colors. So if one person is wearing blue, have the other where tan or white. 

- Avoid bright/neon colors: Neon and bright colors reflect that color onto your skin. Best to avoid it all together and wear more muted tones and nuetral colors.

- The best outfits are muted tones and solid colors. The less distracting your clothes, the easier it is to focus on the faces/expression/feeling in the photo. 

- Adults should wear clothes that fit. Sounds so simple but overly baggy/loose/long clothing adds visual weight to your body and have an unflattering result.

- Avoid outfits that are super trendy. Things like cold shoulder tops instantly date photos. Choose timeless outfits over anything super trendy! 

- Ask if you're in doubt!