Album Pricing

8x12" Linen Wedding Album | $1,000

  • 10 Lay Flat Spreads (20 pages)
  • Your choice of linen color
  • Custom Designed Pages
  • Leather Presentation Box

10x10" Linen Wedding Album | $1,000

  • 10 Lay Flat Spreads (20 pages)
  • Your choice of linen color
  • Custom Designed Pages
  • Leather Presentation Box

Additional Spreads | $250 per extra 5 spreads (10 pages) *Note: Spreads can only be added in groups of 5. 

Inset Cover Photo | $75

Cover Imprinting | $75

Parent Albums are also available. They are identical to your album and are available at a discount of 15% off the final cost of your album. Must be ordered at the time you order your album. A quote for the album can be made upon request after your album is ordered. 

Album Information

Wedding Albums

So you've decided you might want to order a wedding album. Good idea, because they're amazing! This keepsake will be the physical reminder in your home of the amazing day you had vowing yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives. That's kind of a big deal. So here's some information on the wedding album I offer and the investment for your keepsake.

A little about the albums themselves

The albums are made with a sophisticated and durable linen, available in a variety of colors! Currently, I offer 8x12" books, which I find are the best size for albums. I can print vertical and horizontal images with full bleed and no cropping necessary. That means you are getting the full beauty of the image without having to crop to get it the full length of the page. 

The pages are lay flat pages, which means there is no gutter. Your images can be printed across both lengths of the pages without loosing information in the middle. It's basically amazing.

You have the option of adding an Inset Cover Photo, which means you can choose any photo you want to appear on the cover. It's inset into the book for maximum elegance. 

You can also choose to have your names and wedding date engraved on the cover of the album. 

Number of Images per Album

If you're wondering how many images can be printed into wedding album, you're asking an excellent question. And the answer is, it depends. The goal is to tell the whole story of your wedding, in a beautiful design, in the number of spreads you select. Obviously, the more spreads and pages you select, the more images will be in your album. Each page's layout is different, fitting anywhere from one magnificent image spread across two pages to 10 images in a collage. 


Ordering your album is easy. A link will be sent to you for the order form where you will be able to choose your album details. You can also choose from your favorite images from the wedding to be used as inspiration for your design. 

Parent Albums

Parents Albums are available upon request and must be identical to your album. Nothing can be changed, otherwise the 15% discount is forfeit. You can choose to have a smaller (fewer pages) album made, but the discount will not apply. 

Available Linen Color Options