I have been working alongside bride's and groom's for six years creating beautiful imagery to tell the story of their day. My bachelor's degree in photography from the Art Institute laid the foundation for my technical knowledge in my craft, but it is my experience in shooting over 150 wedding which as given me the insight so vital to what I do. 

Indianapolis has always been my home and my love for this city grew even more when I began photographing weddings. Having met and worked with so many incredible vendors and venues in the midwest, I have experienced so much camaraderie and hospitality that is equal to no other city. 

Meeting new clients and forming new bonds and relationships is one of the things I cherish about my profession. My favorite clients:

  • Celebrate the uniqueness of their day

  • Are down-to-earth

  • Love to laugh

  • Have the best friends

  • Admire good design

  • Roll with the punches

  • Down for all the best photos





I could not begin to talk about myself without first introducing the two things I love most in this world. My dogs, Edie and Winnie.  Even just mentioning them in conversation makes me giddy. 

When I'm not home cuddling my pups, I'm probably out eating! I love the local food scene. Find me at Milktooth, Tinker Street, Bluebeard, Thunderbird, Locally Grown Gardens, or the Livery. 

Travel is another huge part of my life. Eating, drinking, and exploring my way through all the cities my adventures take me. I have so many great travel stories (and some bad ones too!)

When I'm anxious for a night in, I look forward to watching: The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy (avid fan), and so many more! If you drop an Office quote on me we will definitely be best friends straight away.

All of these things combined makes me who I am as an artist and business owner. I like a balance of professionalism and friendship. Connecting to my clients on a personal level gives me the insight I need to photograph their day.