Ashten and Mario | Palm Springs Maternity Session

I recently had the opportunity to travel to one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring places in the country... California! With it's ocean access, desert life, and incredible food, we were treated to one of the best vacations I've ever had.

It goes without saying that on such a trip, one needs to do some photo shoots to capitalize on the fabulous light, the architecture and scenery. So we did just that.

Ashten and Mario were gracious enough to make the trek out to Palm Springs to gallivant around town to some of the most famous places to grab some of the cutest hipster maternity photos ever.

Cheers, friends!

The VanDemans | Indianapolis Family Session

Meet Sara, Luke, Isabelle, and Abigail. This family is so near and dear to my heart. So imagine my excitement when they asked me to do their family session for me. Elation, my friends, pure and absolute elation! 

I laughed so hard so many times with these guys. Isabelle is a pistol with her witty one liners and zingers. Abby, well, she is just the cutest little sass pot! Towards the end of the session Abby had to sigh at me because she was hungry and it was time to stop taking pictures so we could all go get ice cream. 

Sara, Luke... I hope you guys love these pictures as much as I do. Thanks again for bestowing this great honor on me and I hope we see each other soon! I'm thinking fried pickles from Mrs Curls might just do the trick (I know it's your favorite, Luke!)

Rodney, Christina, & Gage | Family

This family means a lot to me. Friends of my husband, we've gotten to know each other over the past 4 years and we've been apart of some major things in each others lives. We got to go to their wedding, and they to ours. But most importantly, we got to watch as Rodney and Christina prepared for Gage to come into their lives. 

It's amazing to me how much they love Gage. I find it especially amazing the connection they have to him. Rodney's face just lights up when he talks about his son. It's seriously the heart warming thing to witness. So to be able to photograph an hour of their lives together, was just the most amazing experience. I feel very honored to have been asked, and I hope they love their pictures as much as I do. So enjoy Gage's 'Big 3' session!