Hannah and Caleb | Indianapolis Engagement Session

Meet Hannah and Caleb.

These two darlings met at school in Tulsa, but shared a love for Indy football.

Their love story couldn't be cuter. There was an immediate connection, but neither mustered the courage to say so until one fateful day when Caleb sat next to Hannah in class and saw her type a text to her mom where she gushed about sitting next to him and included a bunch of heart eye emojis. After that, he knew there was no gamble in making his move.

Now here they are, on top of the War Memorial, engaged, and giggling together all the way to December when they'll make their lasting commitment to each other. 

Special shout out and thank you to my second family, the Urbanski's, for sending Hannah my way. I'm so grateful we've become friends and that you continue to sing my praises to all your friends. 

Much love, xoxo