Rene and Jeff | Zionsville Engagement Sessions

Where does the cuteness stop with these two!? Seriously!? From the second I met R + J, I knew we would be best friends. I mean, when we started exchanging Parks and Rec quotes it was like... okay did we just become best friends!? YUP!

Also... I'm pretty sure Rene and I are twins separated at birth because hello long brown hair with bangs. 

So I was not at all surprised when we had the best possible time on their engagement session. We paraded their cuteness all around town and even had two little visitors join us for a few pics in the park. The night even ended up at The Salty Cowboy for some post-session taco refueling. Perfection. Because, why would anyone ever eat anything besides tacos? 

Without further ado, here's R + J.