Janille and Mark | Downtown Indianapolis Wedding

It's here! The blog you've all been waiting for! 

Mark and Janille had a very special and amazing wedding. Complete with Rocket 88 donuts, Hubbard and Cravens Coffee, Just Pop In Popcorn, flowers from Blue Flower Studio, and of course, the Governor of Indiana. This was basically the most all-star cast of Hoosier reps one could hope for in a single event. My little circle city heart just about exploded.

This Sunday afternoon wedding took place at one of the most beautiful buildings in our capitol... the Statehouse! It still amazes me that more people don't utilize this historic and grand building. It's seriously beautiful! What made it even more beautiful this day was Mark and Janille and 300 of their friends and family gathered together to celebrate their marriage. 

One of my favorite parts of the day (and there were a lot of favorite parts to choose from) was during the ceremony when everyone sang a hymn chosen by Mark and Janille. It was really moving to hear all these voices joined together, resonating throughout the Statehouse. Breathtaking! 

I could go on and on about how much I love Mark and Janille, how much I've loved being a part of their planning process, shooting their engagement session, meeting their families (Hey Vanessa!), and watching their love unfold on the wedding day, but I'd rather have the pictures speak for me. So without further ado, here's M + J. 


How they met: Mark and Janille became friends during the summer of 2011. Amid a budding friendship, Mark asked Janille out during the spring of 2014, at which point Janille responded, “I don’t know, Mark. I just don’t know.” Taking this as a positive sign, Mark pressed ardently forward. Picnics, Bible studies and a miniature circus gave way to deep conversations and confessions of love. Before anyone knew it, Mark and Janille began unfurling the greatest romance of our time.

How he proposed: On occasion, Mark does his work in the IN Supreme Court Law Library on the 3rd floor of the Statehouse. While there, Mark would invite Janille to visit. They usually met at the benches past the old phone booths on the 3rd floor and Janille would bring cups of tea to share as they had a quick visit. On Friday, January 2nd, late in the afternoon, Mark asked Janille to meet him outside the law library in their usual spot. Mark had three photographers hidden in different locations, waiting to capture the moment. 

A few minutes later, looking over the 3rd floor railing, Mark saw Janille walking towards the stairs, causing his heart to jump! She was, of course, carrying two cups of hot tea. On seeing her, Mark got irrationally nervous! Janille ascended the stairs, saw Mark standing in his spot, looked at him inquisitively and approached. (She looked so stunning!) She proceeded to hand him the cup of tea, but noticed that his hands were shaking as he nervously took a sip. 

Mark had an eloquent, romantic speech prepared. Mark had memorized it and intended to deliver it calmly, smoothly and romantically, perhaps even Cary Grant-like. This was the plan. However, after Janille approached and Mark looked into her big, beautiful blue eyes, he immediately lost his composure. (She was so beautiful and wonderful and he could hardly believe that he had the chance to ask her to marry him!) Mark blubbered and stumbled through what was intended to be his grandiloquent speech as Janille stood there, wondering if Mark was just feeling very deeply that day, or if perhaps this was the proposal?? After the blubbering, Mark got down on one knee, came to his attorney senses and said, “for these reasons, I would like you to be my wife.” She said yes.

Hobbies they like to do as a couple: Anything but miniature circuses

Favorite part about planning their wedding?: Doughnut tastings

What plans does the future hold for them?: We plan to live downtown, close to work, and enjoy what Indy has to offer while we save up for a house in the future. Kids will be coming after we settle into married life together :)

Wedding Dress: Designer is Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaids Attire: Shabby Apple

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Macy's

Make-up Artist: Leslie White :)

Hair Stylist: Tiffany Sargent

Honeymoon: Paris, France

Invitations: DIY, designed by my friend, Summer Daily

Florist: Jackie Nolan | Blue Flower Studio

Caterer: Rocket 88, Just Pop In, Hubbard and Cravens