Courtney and Andrew | Wea Creek Orchard Wedding

Courtney and Andrew have to be the sweetest couple ever! My husband and I had the fantastic privilege of having pizza with them before their wedding, and boy did we have fun! We discovered our mutual love for cheesy, tomatoey, doughy goodness as well as our understanding that beer should be a food group. 

So imagine my excitement when their wedding day came! We had so much fun together! Their bridal party were excellent company atop an already excellent venue, family, and couple. I love when everything comes together like that! 

I just loved their details. Her shoes, her dress, the chandelier, the flowers... it was all perfection. Their wedding favor was a s'mores package for everyone! But no s'mores package would be complete without a roaring fire to roast marshmallows over! I mean, come on, a camp fire at your wedding?! How could that not be the coolest thing ever?! 

I could keep going on about how amazing they are, but why don't you see for yourself. Here's Courtney and Andrew's rustic barn wedding!