Sallie and Alex | Downtown Indianapolis Conrad Wedding

How they met: In high school, Alex and I had mutual friends. But, never really hung out outside of school. However, for our Senior year Economics project, our teacher paired us to up to do our "marriage project." Alex was a florist, I was an aeronautical engineer, and we had 14 children. For a month we were "married" and planned our lives together. We got 100%! 

Since high school we had occasionally hung out with friends together, but never did anything planned together. Then, 2 years after college graduation, we met up at a Dave Matthews concert and found out we had a lot of the same music loves. We decided to go to the Vampire Weekend concert and continued to go to concerts together with friends. From there we off and on hung out until a year after the Dave concert that we finally started dating. :)

Their proposal story: Alex took me to Tastings for some Sunday wine! After that, it was a nice day so he talked me into sneaking up to the roof of my apartment (which we occasionally did even though it was off limits!) Up there, he told me that he thought of this place as our spot, the spot that he would like to ask me to marry him. I said YES. :) It was beautiful. I cried too much, as always.

Hobbies they like to do as a couple: Walks, concerts, breweries, wineries, record stores, traveling, netflixing, movies. We love dogs... just don't have one yet!!

Their favorite part of planning the wedding: My favorite part about planning our wedding so far has been being able to talk about our future. As a couple that is only dating it is sometimes taboo to talk about forever. Nothing makes me happier than thinking of Alex by my side for everything that is to come.

Plans for the future: Alex and I plan on living near fountain square/mass ave for the next 2 years. We hope to have a dog & a house after that... Children... not for a while :) We are so excited to keep living our lives and enjoy living as a married couple. We hope to travel & keep going to as many concerts & breweries as possible. Those are some of our favorite things to do together.