Laurel and Dan | Engagement

I just love these two! First off... they're both dog lovers, like me. And they love fancy cocktails and pie, so what's not to love!? 

We started our engagement session extravaganza at one of my favorite joints, Locally Grown Gardens. I can't give this place enough props, so if you haven't been, you need to go, and you need to try their lemon shake-ups, cole-slaw, and sugar cream pie. In that order. But I digress. 

After we gobbled down a couple slices of sugar cream pie, we headed over to Holliday Park to freeze our butts off in the snow for some pretty amazing shots (if I do say so myself.)

After that, we warmed up at the Libertine Bar (more amazing props to be given to this place for letting us take over their bar). For those who are wondering, Laurel and Dan's adult beverage of choice is the Sazerac.

Without further ado, here's Laurel and Dan.