Megan and Phillip | The Atrium Wedding

My first memory of Megan? Making her laugh by saying “hi” repeatedly on her first day of school. Megan and I went to high school together, and while we were a couple years apart, I always thought she was top notch. So how excited was I when she called me up one day to tell me that she was engaged and wanted me to come and shoot the wedding? Jumping up and down in a room, by myself, excited. From our first meeting, to the engagement, to the actually wedding day, I couldn’t help but feel like big sister to Megan. She was even there for me when I got engaged and had a million questions that I had never even thought of before (like where on earth do I look for wedding dresses besides David’s Bridal?).

But Megan and Phillip’s wedding was amazing! The lighting outside was perfect. It thought about raining, but then magically held off, and there were no major (or really minor) crises. It was so obvious how much in love they were! And Megan was one cool cucumber all day long. Love that. I already miss our correspondences already, stay in touch friends.